Company Policy

The company BAIER + KÖPPEL has been selling high quality central lubrication systems since 1927 and is known as the manufacturer of BEKA brand products all over the world. We want to maintain and continuously expand this leading market position.

Therefore, BAIER + KÖPPEL considers its process-oriented, integrated management system as substantial for achieving and securing these targets and further development under consideration of all quality and environmentally relevant aspects and involvement of all interested parties (stakeholders).


Quality and environmental protection means thinking and acting to the benefit of our customers and other interested parties while protecting and conserving the resources.


Quality and environmental protection results from leadership and respectful communication

Our company management assumes responsibility and offers full support to protection, development and integration of our management system into the company policy.

Further, ensuring compliance and improving customer satisfaction is task and obligation of the company management, together with all employees.

An appreciative behavior with all internal and external parties is a matter of course and part of our corporate and knowledge culture.


Quality and environmental protection reduces costs, conserves resources, avoids and reduces environmental impacts

Avoiding errors prevents the incurrence of costs for corrective actions and consequential damage. In order to avoid or limit environmental impacts and the consumption of resources, we review and assess new and also already existing activities, procedures, products and services.


Quality and environmental protection are the basis for success and ensure the future

Positive results and continuity of the business are ensured by a top company management with an integrated management system, acting targeted, in a knowledge-based and respectful manner and under involvement of all interested parties.


The mentioned targets are achieved with a well-organized integrated management system.

The company management is responsible for the introduction, implementation, respectful communication, development of a knowledge culture as well as for further enhancement of the management system. All employees and interested parties (stakeholders) also called on to do so.


We will make this company policy available to all our employees and interested parties.