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Quality and Environmental Policy

The company BAIER + KÖPPEL sells high quality central lubrication systems since 1927 and is known as the manufacturer of BEKA brand products all over the world. This leading market position shall be maintained and extended. BAIER + KÖPPEL considers quality and environmental protection as a substantial part of corporate action and thus defined the range of application for all business activities and products.

Quality and environmental protection means thinking and acting to the benefit of the customer and the environment
BEKA products shall meet our customers' requirements and shall be manufactured and delivered faultless, on time, economically, functionally and environmentally friendly.

Quality and environmental protection requires the cooperation of all involved persons
Suppliers and employees are similarly responsible for quality and environmental protection. There is no position within the company that has not, at least indirectly, influence on the product quality or on the environment.

Quality and environmental protection requires leadership
Our targets concerning quality and the environment are presented, pursued and monitored by our executives. The style of leadership shall be example and help for the employee regarding quality finding and environmental protection issues.

Quality and environmental protection reduces costs, avoids defects and environmental impacts
Error prevention principally prevents the origin of costs for counter-measures and consequential losses. In order to avoid or limit ecological damage, we check existing and new activities, procedures, products and services regarding their environmental compatibility.

Quality and environmental protection ensures future success
A positive result and a certain continued existence of the company is achieved by constant quality ambition, by quality optimization and environmental protection. The customer base is ensured if matured products, services and procedures can be rendered by us on the latest technical level and subject to legal regulations. The prerequisite for this is always quality.

All mentioned targets are achieved with a well-organized quality and environmental management system, as documented in the QEM (quality and environmental management) manual. The company management as well as each individual employee is called for introduction, implementation, preservation and continuous improvement of such a system.

We make this policy available to all our employees, contractual partners, the public and all interested persons.