The BEKA management today.

In consequence of a permanent growth of the BEKA group, a strategic expansion of the management was necessary. Due to this fact BAIER + KÖPPEL is managed by an extended management since 2010.

Next to the executive managing director Bernhard Köppel, the management is completed by managing director Rudolf Brendel (Dipl.-Betriebswirt).

Members of the extended board of management are the procurators Thomas Böhmer (international strategy), Jürgen Brendel (chief technical officer), Dr. Michaela Gebele-Ruhland (human resources), Dieter Horn (finances) and Armin Zapf (chief marketing officer).


BEKA management
Bernhard Köppel with Rudolf Brendel
BEKA extended board of management
The extended board of management: Jürgen Brendel, Thomas Böhmer, Dr. Michaela Gebele-Ruhland, Rudolf Brendel, Bernhard Köppel, Armin Zapf und Dieter Horn (from left to right)