Central lubrication systems for commercial vehicles

Excerpt of our product range:

Grease pumps

Electric grease pump EP-1
Electric grease pump PICO
Hydraulic grease pump HP-1
Hand pump FHX-2
Grease gun
Filling press
Single-hand filling press

Progressive distributors

Progressive distributor MX-F
Progressive distributor SXE-2
Progressive distributor SX-1

Control units

Electronic controller BEKA-troniX1
Electronic controller S-EP 4
Electronic controller EP-tronic
Electronic controller EP-tronic T1
Electronic controller EP-tronic T2
Electronic controller PICO-tronic
Electronic controller PICO S-EP 4
Electronic controller PICO-tronic T1
Electronic controller PICO-T2
Electronic controller S-EP 6

Pump elements

Pump element PE-60
Pump element PE-120
Pump element PE-170
Pump element PE-120V
Pump element PE-120F
Pump element PE-120FV
Pump element PE-5 to PE-50

Breaker lubrication

Electric grease pump EP-1 with steel reservoir
Hydraulic grease pump HP-1 with steel reservoir
Hydraulic grease pump Hamax 1
Hydraulic grease pump Hamax 2


Diagnosis software BEKA DiSys


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